Sales-Purchase-Inventory (SPIN) - Overview

Sales-Purchase-Inventory (SPIN) is a workflow based integrated system for sales tracking, purchase tracking and inventory tracking service. SPIN focus on transforming service quality’s processes by automating and standardizing business processes and transforming business relationship to its customers along with a single view of the customer. SPIN helps to minimize scamming and unethical attitudes through a series of proactive actions and tight supervision. Organization can deploy the solution to create a single system of record for lower operational costs and enhance efficiency. SPIN means the turn of your business.

Product Modules

User has an interactive graphical Dashboard where the daily necessary information summarized for quick view based on user permission like CEO/Owner has related analytical summary, Manager has respective TO-DO list and executive has respective summary panel.

SPIN-SALES is a workflow based sales capturing and tracking system to monitor organization business and accountability. SPIN-SALES module is an industry recognized leader in this space, with its technical and functional breadth.Following are the features of SPIN-SALES:

Customer Management
  • Customer Primary Information entry.
  • Contact information entry
  • Credit limit settings

Agent Management
  • Sales Agent/Distributor information entry
  • Sales Agent/Distributor contact entry

Direct Sales
Direct sales does not require any requisition or approval. UI is like follows:

Indirect Sales
  • Indirect sales require Indent/Requisition.
  • Indirect sales process through workflow.

Sales Return
Sales Return can be captured that comes from sales agent or customer as follows:

Customer Status
In any operational part of sales module, user can view Customer Status before any salesas follows:

Sales Reports
  • Date wise sales report.
  • Item wise sales report.
  • Agent/Distributor wise sales report.
  • Customer wise sales report.
  • Sales return report.

SPIN-PURCHASE is a workflow based comprehensive procurement management system which escalates the transparent purchase through a series of proactive actions and tight supervision. Following are the features of SPIN-PURCHASE:

Supplier Management
  • Supplier Primary Information entry.
  • Contact information entry

Direct Purchase
Direct Purchase does not require any requisition or approval. When clicking “Add New” button from the below summary screen, user can capture a new purchase:

Indirect Purchase
  • Indirect purchase requires Indent/Requisition
  • Indirect purchase process through workflow.

Approved Requisition can be converted to Purchase Order (PO) as follows:

Purchase Return
There is an option to return purchased goods like sales return section.

Purchase Reports
  • Date wise Pending/Approved/Cancelled PO report.
  • Date wise pending/approved/cancelled requisition report.
  • Purchase return report.

SPIN-INVENTORY is a solution that automates product stocking, delivery and transfer through maintaining stock level. On demand transfer requisition can be handled efficiently to support smooth business growth. The features of the module are:

Warehouse Location Management
  • Warehouse Information.
  • Warehouse Location and Contacts

Purchase Receive
  • When executes a purchase, Store Manager will have a queue of PO to receive goods.
  • To receiving the order, Store Manager has to click “Receive” button and verify the receive quantity of the item.

Sales Delivery
  • Stock Manager can delivery product as per Sales Order.
  • Stock Manager can delivery product as per Transfer Order.
  • For each delivery, Stock Manager will print Challan.

Stock Transfer
  • Stock Manager of any warehouse location will raise a requisition if there is any shortfall of delivery.
  • By clicking “Add New” button a requisition can be raised.
  • Once management approve the transfer requisition, Stock Manager will receive a Transfer Order for delivery the product in destination location.

Stock Reconciliation
  • Any product or item stock can be adjusted by giving an adjustment entry.
  • Once the adjustment approved, this will update the stock.

Stock Reports
  • Warehouse Location wise Stock.
  • Item/Product wise Stock.
  • Date wise stock.

SPIN-ACCOUNTS is a preliminary accounting solution that keeps book of account and transactions along with various ledger view & reports. The features of the module are:

Payment & Collection
  • Accounts User can print a money receipt when collect a payment.
  • Accounts User can print a payment voucher when make a payment.

Cheque Management & Petty Cash
  • Review Cheque Status (Deposited, Bounced, in-hand).
  • Cheque Processing to Deposit or Bounced back.
  • Petty Cash Receive to meet daily expenses or Deposit to Bank at day end.

Expense Management
  • Daily expense entry to meet the organization needs.

Customer Ledger
Customer Ledget can be reviewed for getting financial status of a customer as follows:

Bank Ledger
  • Date wise transactions can be viewed by Bank.

Outstanding Accounts
Date wise outstanding report can be viewed as follows:


inCounter-Light is a Barcode based Inventory Counting Handheld Application which run on Handheld Data Terminal with synchronization of Sever Application for data transferring facility. Following functional areas of inCounter-Light are highlighted:

Master Data Management:
SPIN Server manages Master Data by importing CSV/Excel file from 3rd party database like SAP/Oracle/DB2. It also independently manages MCH Data (Outlet/Location, Department, Sub-Department, Category and Sub-Category) and Article/Product Data with EAN/Barcode Number for an specific MCH.

Device User Authentication:
SPIN Server manages Location/Outlet/Warehouse wise users to give proper access permission to inCounter-Light application that is running in Handheld Device. User need to login into the device application to perform the stock counting task.

Data Import to Handheld Device:
Article/Product Master Data can be exported from SPIN Server and imported to Handheld Device before start stock counting.

Stock Counting with RFID/Barcode Reader:
inCounter-Light gets ready after importing master data into the device and start stock count by firing "Barcode Scan Trigger" with auto save feature on next scan. New product can be counted if there is no master data found along with "Product Search" facility if barcode cannot be read.

Stock Synchronization:
Stock data can be synchronized from inCounter-Light to SPIN Server database in the WIFY Network environment and both application is connected to a network.

Stock Export:
For any reason, if the network is down or server is unavailable, The Stock data can be exported from inCounter-Light in CSV format and can be imported same file from SPIN Server for synchronization and rectification.

Handheld Data Refresh:
inCounter-Light clear and refresh all Stock data after every export/synchronization and gets ready for next batch of Stock Counting to avoid duplication.
Administrative Settings
Administrative Settings & Access Control:
  • Company and Warehouse Branch Setup.
  • Role Setup (View & Edit)
  • Security Policy Setup
  • User Group Setup for different modules
  • Workflow Permission to Groups
  • User Management to create or update User.
  • Group Membership permission to Users

Identification & Authentication:
  • Users have to Logon into the system through a Login Interface. The information System should identify users uniquely. The mode of authentication can be a choice to the business requirement (subscribed user with strong password).
  • Ranges of user level access will be applied to forms, transactions and reports.
  • The information System should enforce a limit of consecutive invalid access attempts by a user during a time period.
  • User Group Setup for different modules
  • Locking mechanism when the maximum number of unsuccessful attempts is exceeded.

  • Different login permission: Group of users based on user-defined criteria.
  • Users will only be permitted to access thouse functional area of the system which are inherited from the respective user’s Group & Role.
  • Different login permission: with limited scope to clients and other points of contact with whom you wish to share case information based on workflow.

Audit & Security Log
  • The Application will provide the capability to compile audit records from multiple components throughout the application into a time-correlated audit trail.
  • Audit Logs will contain the unsuccessful login attempts.
  • The System configuration should be enabled to protect audit information and audit tools from unauthorized access, modification, and deletion.
  • The Client IP address of the source should be captured as a part of log and accessible for review.
  • The following must be logged as evidence of unauthorised or unusual use: (1) successful login and logout; (2) unsuccessful login; (3) unauthorised functional area movement

Master Data Setup
  • Master Data like product category,sub-category, brand, product & item, etc need to setup before run a module.


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inCounter (Inventory Counter)

inCounter-Light Features

Master Data Mangement
Location wise User Management
Data Import to HandheldmDevice
Stock Counting with RFID Reader
Stock Verification
Stock Synchronization
Stock Export
Handheld Data Refresh
Various Stock Reporting

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